Spring News

Dreel Halls continue to be very busy this Spring. Now on the third week of February we have our Anster Nichts and this Thursday we have Anstruther based Fife Architects, Lucy and Fermin Beltran talking about Eco architecture, sustainability and being green. Fermin will have a presentation and would welcome questions about both the economics and the ecology of modern architecture, We look forward to welcoming members and visitors alike.

Elizabeth Gordon, President


The AIA held its second Candlemas Supper on Sunday in Dreel Halls. Candlemas was originally called Imbolc and was celebrated with different customs all over Celtic Britain welcoming the halfway point between the darkest day and the days of even light and darkness. We celebrated with mulled wine and lots of comfort food. There were readings and poetry from America, Wales, Cornwall, England, Scotland and Orkney. These were stories of ancient customs and changes in the landscape as Spring approaches. We finished with lighting our candles in the darkness and having young Sophie Palmer read a poem she had just been given. The Hall looked lovely with its daffodils, greenery and candles. There was fine gathering of folks originating from all over Britain and South America.

Our next event is our Anster Nicht on Thursday 19th February when our speakers are the joint husband and wife team called Fife Architects.

Elizabeth Gordon, President

Candlemas is Coming

On February 2nd we’ll be halfway between the Winter and Spring solstices. Our ancestors celebrated the Imbolc, which later became known as Candlemas and the AIA will have a celebration this Sunday at 4pm at Dreel Halls with a Sundowner Supper. This will be a simple event with Mulled Wine and soft drinks, a light supper and plenty of candles. There will be some readings and stories by some of our supper guests and anyone can bring along a piece to read about the coming of Spring or Candlemas. Our last Candlemas was a lovely event and we hope this will be too. Please see our events page for details and let Elizabeth at the Community Kist know so she can get an idea of numbers.

We’re pleased to have our Hall used more and welcome people into its space. There’s something on nearly every day now and another 40th birthday was celebrated at the weekend. There was a bit of tidying up of flower pots this weekend and hopefully more will be done before the next blast of winter descends.

Elizabeth Gordon, President

January News

The Association has a busy week ahead when we team up with two other Anstuther organisations. On Thursday night Anster Nichts return with a talk brought to you courtesy of the 3BCDT, the Community Development Trust. The talk is entitled ‘Demon Frigates and Spectre Barques’ and is about the supernatural seas of nineteenth century literature. Our speaker is Emily Alder of Edinburgh’s Napier University and she will talk about the status of ghost ship. All I can say is ‘shiver me timbers’.

On Friday Night David Jack returns with a Ceilidh for our Dreel Halls First Birthday Party. We are putting on this event with Anstruther and District Allotments Association. They will be using their seasonal vegetables to make soup. There will also be cake. Tickets are £6, with special deals for children and families. It is also a BYOB event, with games and prizes, so come and dance the night away.

We are delighted to be collaborating with these two groups. The town has a successful history of groups working together, having a good time and raising money for projects and we are happy to follow on.

Elizabeth Gordon, President

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