February News

At our most recent Anster Nicht, local architect Fermin Beltran of Fife Architects led an informed discussion on green homes. In an intelligent and comprehensive presentation, Fermin helped the audience consider what was really green and how this impacted on both ecology and the economy. Architects can provide some answers and in an area like the East Neuk there is the challenge of ensuring that the existing housing can be improved. It was a thought provoking evening.

Our Final Anster Nicht will also involve a local businessman when we have Murray Barnett, Artisan Baker talk about his very delicious bread. That meeting will be held on 12th March immediately following our AGM.

Next Sunday, 8th March there will be a film show. This is part of Africa in Motion, the Scottish African Film Festival, and the film is a delightful tale called ‘Felix’, about a young African dreaming of becoming a saxophonist. There are details on our website and there will be more information in the local press next week.

Elizabeth Gordon, President