Coronavirus update

The AIA’s Board met today to discuss the impact of COVID19 and to do some planning. During this period, when social interaction carries health risks for many in our community, we decided that it would be sensible to put on hold any of the AIA’s programmed events and activities until further notice. The building programme at Dreel Halls is coming to a close and we had hoped to be able to open our doors and start to welcome back our friends and supporters over the coming weeks, so it is sad that we cannot celebrate the end of our project in this way. However, the health of our community comes first, and we like to think there will be good times ahead when we can come back together and celebrate.

The first event that will be postponed until next season is Di Gilpin’s upcoming Anster Nicht on Ganseys, due to take place this Thursday, 19th March.

Since it requires a great deal of forward planning, volunteer input and face-to-face contact with local businesses, who will have higher priorities in these challenging times, we have also reluctantly agreed to cancel the AIA’s famous Duck Race this year.

The weeks ahead seem full of uncertainty and quite scary, but we are a strong and capable community of good, caring people and there may be no better place to be at this point. Anyone needing a helping hand can contact the AIA via our Facebook page or by through our website’s contact form and we will do our best to assist. Meanwhile, look after yourselves and look after each other.