Anstruther Writing Awards 2018

The Anstruther Writing Awards is a creative competition organised each year by the AIA.

In years gone by an ‘Anster Fair’ was held in the town to celebrate the poem of the same name written by William Tennant (1784-1848). The poem features the characters of Maggie Lauder and Rob the Ranter and has a sub plot of witches, wizards and fairies. Numerous events used to be held in Anstruther during the ‘Anster Fair’ and one of them was a writing competition. So in 2013 the AIA decided to revive the competition to build on our community’s great tradition of creative writing and to celebrate talent of all ages.

Results of the Anstruther Writing Awards 2018


Secondary School Categories

Poetry winner: Orla Campbell

Poetry highly commended: Chisomo Makiyi

Poetry commended: Neve Peacock

Reflective writing winner: Aidan Howie

Short story winner: Rahima Nazir

Short story highly commended: Rosy Singleton


Adult categories

Short story: Fiona Thackeray

Commended: Audrey Yeardley, Olivia Gavoyannis, Linda Menzies

Poetry: Linda Menzies

Commended: Jean Wright, Mhairi Owens

Primary categories

Overall winner: Esme Wright

Overall runner up: Elsa Cox

Highly commended: Sophia Maclaren, Millar McLeod, Theo Wright, Gemma, Ella Young

Commended: Rowan Geary, Lily McLaren, Eryn Furie, Lily Pearson, Annie L-J,  Jamie Crabb

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