Anster Nicht: The Ancient Greeks and the Sea

Date: 18th November 2021
Location: Dreel Halls
Anster Nichts

The Mediterranean sea dominated the experience and imagination of the ancient Greeks. This talk will focus on the community and culture of classical Athens (500-300 BC) to reveal an engagement with the sea and seafaring which was both complicated and exciting.  Dr Jon Hesk, who teachers Greek and Classical Studies at the University of St Andrews, will provide some amazing stories from myth and history: pirates and kidnappings; shape-shifting sea gods; dolphins coming to the rescue; a mighty invading navy destroyed by guile and skill.  He will also reveal how Athens’ status as a coastal city-state shaped its politics and empire, and how both the dangers and fruits of the sea affected the lives of ordinary Athenian citizens and their slaves.

A resident of Anstruther since 2000, Dr Jon Hesk has published books and articles on Homeric epic, Greek drama, Athenian oratory and rhetoric, and the politics and culture of classical Athens.  He has an occasional blog called ‘Ancient and Modern Rhetoric’ which explores the similarities and differences between ancient Greek and Roman culture and life in the 21st century.

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