Anster Nichts

Members and non-members are welcome to attend our public talks at Dreel Halls in Anstruther. If you are not yet a member of the AIA you can attend individual Anster Nichts for £3 per event. Membership is £7.50 per year and will allow you to attend all of the year’s Anster Nichts and the Christmas Social.

The Auld Alliance

Date: 15th March 2018

Time: 19:30

Scotland and France enjoyed an official special relationship between the years 1295 and 1560. This troubled period includes the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Hundred Years’ War, the arrival of the Stuart dynasty, the Renaissance and the Reformation. It explains how the Scots enjoyed claret at a discount and why so many French words are still in the vocabulary, especially those relating to food!

Odile Hughson came from Provence for one year and has stayed for more than half a century. This subject reflects her love of these two countries.

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